​Many times meeting each other for the first time in person. Buying and selling Dart Frogs and related supplies was not the only reason enthusiasts attended. The event also allowed attendees the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas, practical advise, and to learn more on many aspects of Dendrobatid and amphibian husbandry. Those days spent at the San Jose Frog Days have become special memories for many people. 

The tradition continued at the 12th American Frog Day (AFD) held in Mesa Arizona in 2006 hosted by Arizona Dendrobate Ranch (www.azdr.com). Some of the leading Dart Frog breeders in America were in attendence and Dr. Kevin Wright presented on Amphibian Nutrition & The importance of treating sick amphibians for chytrid. His presentation was only one of many great ones that contributed to an incredible day. AZDR and all those who supported them and the event did an outstanding job, and deserve many thanks.

Today American Frog Day has become an annual tradition that each year many people look forward to. Something that would not be possible if not for Chuck's devotion, motivation and passion for Dart Frogs. Thanks again Chuck!

Although Chuck is enjoying a few years of rest, he has promised to host AFD again in San Jose, California, about every five years or so. Anyone interested in hosting an American Frog Day in their home city can contact Jeremy Mott at contact@americanfrogday.com.

Zoo Med Laboratories

2021, October 16th, Tarrytown, NY (Julio Rodriguez, Matt Mirabello, & Jeremy Mott, JL-Exotics)

2020, October 17th, Tarrytown, NY (Julio Rodriguez, Matt Mirabello, & Jeremy Mott, JL-Exotics) - RESCHEDULED TO 2021 DUE TO COVID-19

2019, September 21st, Tarrytown, NY (Julio Rodriguez, Matt Mirabello, & Jeremy Mott; JL-Exotics)

2018, November 10th, Atlanta GA (Mark Mandica; The Amphibian Foundation, John Wiseman; Rainbows by Design, & Jeremy Mott; JL-Exotics

2017, September 23rd, Staten Island, NY (Julio Rodriguez, Matt Mirabello, & Jeremy Mott, JL-Exotics)

2016, April 30th, Fremont, CA (JL-Exotics, Jeremy Mott & Aaron Siek)

2015, April 25th, Fremont, CA (JL-Exotics, Jeremy Mott)
2014, May 24th, Fremont, CA (Chuck Powell & JL-Exotics, Jeremy Mott)
2013, September 14th, Staten Island, NY (Matthew Mirabello)
2012, May 15th, Chicago, IL (Chris Miller)
2011, May 14th, Staten Island, NY (Matthew Mirabello)
2010, May 29th, Fremont, CA (Chuck Powell & JL-Exotics, Jeremy Mott)
2009, March 14th, Mesa, AZ (AZDR.com, Amanda & Greg Sihler)
2008 "Year of the Frog"
2007, October 13th (Matthew Mirabello, Staten Island, NY)
2006, March 18th, Phoenix, AZ (AZDR- Greg and Amanda Sihler)
2005, October 15 & 16th, Atlanta, GA (ABG - Ron Gagliardo)
2004, May 29th, San Jose, CA (10th Anniversary)
2003, May 24th, San Jose, CA
2002, May 25th, San Jose, CA
2001, May 26th, San Jose, CA
2000, May 27th, San Jose, CA
1999, May 29th, San Jose, CA
1998, September 5th, San Jose, CA
1997, September 6th, San Jose, CA
1996, September 7th, San Jose, CA
1995, August 26th, San Jose, CA (The first Dart Frog oriented national show)

Fern's Frogs

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American Frog Day is an annual event focused on assisting scientific study and captive maintenance of Dendrobatid frogs and other amphibians through the exchange of knowledge, and the promotion of captive breeding and husbandry of these remarkable frogs (and other amphibians).

In 1995, Charles "Chuck" Powell and his family created and hosted the very first Frog Day in San Jose, California. Chuck and his family hosted the event for 10 years in a row, and then decided it was time for the event to travel! For the next several years, American Frog Day (AFD) moved to a different city each year where it is hosted by a local sponsor.

Those ten years in San Jose allowed for the first time people from around the country to gather together and share their passion for Dendrobatid frogs.

Past dates and locations of American Frog Day

American Fro g Day - 2014

American Frog Day

October 16, 2021 - Tarrytown, NY




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