Scott Menigoz

Glass Box Tropicals
NYC Parks

Pumilio, tree frogs, auratus, and various other frogs.

Dart frogs.

Habitats by Design

Frog Watch USA - High Rock Park Chapter - local conservation outreach group

Dendrobatid frogs and related supplies

John Paganas

Dart frogs and related supplies.

Frogs 'n' Things

Assorted Cages, supplies, decorations, and accessories.

(203) 932-9436

Tincman Herps

Local conservation outreach group

Julio Rodriguez

Slither & Swim Pets

Lighting products including LEDs and accessories.  Vitamin supplements, fruit fly media,

and various dart frogs and related supplies.

Frog Watch USA
Fern's Frogs

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Large obligate egg-feeders - O. histrionica and O. lehmanni

Glass Box Tropicals
Tincman Herps
Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc.
The Frog Whisperer

Dendrobatid frogs, tree frogs, feeders, plants, and related supplies.

(413) 325-8179

Tropical Plants, microfauna, decor, hygrolon, epiweb, supplements, and substrates.

American Frog Day
Metro Herp Society

Vendors - 2017

Confirmed Vendors:

Greenbelt Conservency
Fern's Frogs

Dart frogs, plants, and related supplies

October 16, 2021 - Tarrytown, NY

Vivariums In The Mist

Dart frogs.

Lisa's Leapers

Planted vivariums and related supplies.

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