Dendrobatid frogs and related supplies

Scott Menigoz

Dart frogs.

Georgia Reptile Society

Dart frogs.

Planted vivariums and related supplies.

Pumilio, tree frogs, auratus, and various other frogs.

Frogs 'n' Things

Tropical Plants, microfauna, decor, hygrolon, epiweb, supplements, and substrates.

Julio Rodriguez

American Frog Day

Dart frogs, plants, and related supplies

The Amphibian Foundation
Glass Box Tropicals
Fern's Frogs

If you are interested in vending, please email Jeremy Mott  for a vendor sign-up packet.   Space will be limited so don't wait to sign up!

Confirmed Vendors:

Dendrobatid frogs, tree frogs, feeders, plants, and related supplies.

(413) 325-8179


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Dart frogs and related supplies.

John Paganas

Tincman Herps

Lighting products including LEDs and accessories.  Vitamin supplements, fruit fly media,

and various dart frogs and related supplies.

Large obligate egg-feeders - O. histrionica and O. lehmanni

Vendors - 2018

Vivariums In The Mist
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